Livvie Matthews is a Client Attraction Coach helping women business owners and entrepreneurs around the country, expand and leverage their online presence, get more clients, and multiply their business.
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Power Up!

Social Media & Online Marketing present huge benefits to your business for magnetically attracting & literally drawing your ideal clients into your space. But before you can “draw” them in, market to them effectively, & make more money, you must have all the pieces in place…

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You’re a Coach, Consultant, Solo-Entrepreneur or other Small Business Professional in the start up phase or first few years of your business. You’re attracting some clients (or if you’re just starting maybe no clients yet), but it’s just not consistent. You're ready to get more …

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Ramp It Up…


Your online presence is solid, you’re bringing in clients and even making money, but now you’re ready to go to the next level. You’re ready to get out of your own way, let go of the control, and change how you operate. It’s time to create some new business models...

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You’re super driven, your business is growing at a consistent pace and you’re very successful. Now you’re ready to go to six figures and even 7 figures. Plus, it’s time to give back. You’re ready to stop approving everything and working long hours…

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Focus, Commitment, and Consistency – Oh My!



Focus, commitment, and consistency. Three of the most powerful words when it comes to online marketing and building a business. But….

These three words are powerful yes, but have you ever had times when it was hard to focus… your thoughts and actions were all over the place.

What about commitment, you want to, but again you’re doing this and doing that…all over the board.

And consistency…that’s the BIG one! You can be consistent for a few days, but then….

Guess what??!! I’ve just described myself and some of the problems I have….

Yes, I have these same problems that you do. These problems don’t apply to me working with my coaching clients…working with them is consistent, but these apply to me, personally, in my business.

For example, January was one of the hardest months for me to move forward.

Being fully transparent here…and confession time, I didn’t even post one blog post or send a newsletter the whole month of January!!

There are times that being online does become stressful and can be overwhelming IF you don’t have some strategies, systems, and routines to keep you moving forward.

So, what I did do was to spend some time digging to create some systems and strategies and then develop routines for using them as to what I really wanted to accomplish and what my real objectives were.

3 Strategies for moving forward

Online Marketing:
Determine what your objectives are…

Finishing Up 2015

Finishing 2015-wp

Wow! Can you believe we only have about 9 days remaining in 2015? I don’t think the years can go by much faster than they do now <grin>

This time of the year is a powerful time to look back at what did and didn’t work for this year.

But it’s also a very powerful to look forward to what you want to have happen in the upcoming year.

It’s a time of year that I actually take time off away from business and reflect of the current year and then look forward to and plan for the next year.

In this short 4 minute video I’d love to share with you some steps for doing that for your business as well.

I’d love to hear from you about how your looking back over the year goes. Feel free to share what you found. Email me with your discovery, I’d love to hear about it!

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Are You Trying To Fit Into Cinderella’s Shoe


There is a BIG marketing lesson in the story of Cinderella. We all know the story of Cinderella and how she lost her shoe leaving the ball and the Prince searched all the unmarried ladies of the kingdom to see who the shoe belonged to.

Every eligible woman in the kingdom tried on that shoe. They pushed and pushed and tried their best to make their foot fit that shoe… but…. There was only ONE person that shoe would fit.

What does Cinderella’s shoe and marketing have in common? I’m so glad you asked that! Day in and day out, we spend hours searching and tweaking, tweaking and searching those we think are who we want to be like.

And then we push and push and push…. trying everything we can to be exactly like them. But it doesn’t work…Why? Because we aren’t them… we are our own self!

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on just how unique YOU really are? We weren’t all created the same way. We each come with different gifts and talents to offer that are unique to us.

We aren’t all extroverts, some are introverts. We aren’t all slim, some are larger. We aren’t all chatty Cathy’s, some are quiet. But the person YOU are is gifted with some very unique talents and skills.

You may be saying…. “Livvie, I don’t think there is anything special or unique about me to…

Email Marketing: Growing Your Email List

Email Marketing - Building Your Email List
Email marketing is a big element in your online marketing strategy (or it should). It’s how you grow your email list of subscribers and your subscribers are who you will market to over and over. So you must know your ABC’s for email marketing: Always Be Collecting email addresses.

You must also pay attention to detail, plan, create valuable content, get it in front of your market, and then…follow up!! Knowing how to reach your market is a huge piece of the puzzle. The key is: Having a strategy to get in front of your market and working it consistently.

Below are 5 Strategies that will help you get in front of your market and be prepared for email marketing as it pertains to building your subscriber list to hit the ground running in 2016:

Webinars and teleseminars are by far one of the best ways to get in front of your market, to share your knowledge, and to grow your email list.

The difference between a webinar and a teleseminar is that webinars are usually done on the internet and teleseminars are usually done on the phone. Both offer a great platform for reaching out and sharing in your field of expertise.

Webinars can be done with you speaking and the viewer seeing you as you present your information, or they can be done with Power Point slide presentations with your slides viewable and…

Are You Making Client Attraction a Priority


Are you one of those business owners that cringes at that 9 letter word…. Marketing? Have you ever said… I don’t have time for marketing, my day is already full!

Well, you’re not alone.

During my time online…since the mid ‘90’s …one of the things I’ve seen (and experienced myself) is the tendency to push back from marketing.

Personally, I can make all kinds of excuses… too busy, let’s do it tomorrow. I’ve got to take care of this… Got to take care of that… and my list can go on and on.

When the truth was… I didn’t like marketing. Worse yet, It really wasn’t so much that I didn’t “Like” marketing as it was I didn’t fully understand the VALUE of marketing and when done correctly what it can do for your business. But now….many years later and growing my own business… I understand.

Now for a lack of time, I’m only going to go into one element of our marketing and that’s actually that we MUST MAKE Client Attraction A Priority.

Watch this video to learn more for Making Client Attraction A Priority.

Making Client Attraction A Priority:

With 85% of viewers looking online today for who they are going to do business with, you have to be seen! This means you MUST make time for marketing. Ideally this should be done every day but at least a minimum of 2 days a week, with a certain…

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Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca
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Livvie, You've helped me a lot and I only talked to you for 2 hours!!! Our September was up 70% over last year and our conversion rate now is almost 100%. I think we started the next 21 cases straight since we met. So, it was either the advice or the prayers or both! You have been one of the most helpful people I have met in the last 25 years in dentistry and I really mean that!! Thank you!

Dr. Ken Newhouse
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There are many qualified marketing experts that provide great service and results for a variety of businesses... and then there's Livvie Matthews! From all that I've seen, heard and know Livvie is in a class all by herself (a rarity these days of mediocrity that we now live in!) If you have the opportunity to work with Livvie... JUMP ON IT! It'll be one of the BEST business investments you've ever made.

Jill Coon
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I met Livvie Matthews online a few years ago. I was following her on Facebook. We would comment and like each other’s posts. She would post social media tips that I began using for my business page. I reached out to Livvie and she encouraged me to do a little at a time and said I was on the right track with how I was doing my online marketing. She provided me with so much information. I was so excited to use what she shared with me. Livvie is very knowledgeable in helping businesses grow their online presence using social media and online marketing. Her programs teach businesses how to leverage their appearance and connections on social media for client attraction and more online visibility. I encourage all business owners to listen and learn from Livvie Matthews.

Mary Fisher-Day
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Livvie Matthews was instrumental in helping my team understand Social Media. We now know when to post on each forum, how often and how much to post. She made something that seemed complicated, very simple with her guidance. She will go the extra mile to see you have success.