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Social Media & Online Marketing present huge benefits to your business for magnetically attracting & literally drawing your ideal clients into your space. But before you can “draw” them in, market to them effectively, & make more money, you must have all the pieces in place…

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You’re a Coach, Consultant, Solo-Entrepreneur or other Small Business Professional in the start up phase or first few years of your business. You’re attracting some clients (or if you’re just starting maybe no clients yet), but it’s just not consistent. You're ready to get more …

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Your online presence is solid, you’re bringing in clients and even making money, but now you’re ready to go to the next level. You’re ready to get out of your own way, let go of the control, and change how you operate. It’s time to create some new business models...

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You’re super driven, your business is growing at a consistent pace and you’re very successful. Now you’re ready to go to six figures and even 7 figures. Plus, it’s time to give back. You’re ready to stop approving everything and working long hours…

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From Coal to Diamonds and Back to Coal – Follow Up Marketing


You may be doing everything right – super marketing plan – high ranking Google page – and great Facebook engagement, but unless you have a good follow up marketing strategy, you may as well be blowing in the breeze!

Exactly what is “Follow Up”?

Follow up means that you respond (follow up) on any inquires, telephone calls, emails, even complaints.

Next to building your list for connecting and  Internet marketing, how you follow up with prospects, customers, and clients is critical to your business.

Usually what’s written about follow up marketing is specifically how to create and send follow up messages…the positive side. This post is on the flip side…the negative side… of follow up messages.

Let me share this quick story with you. I recently changed my business model from doing monthly social media management to becoming a client attraction coach. In the mentoring program I belong to I reached out, by email, to 2 of the people I know very well and asked some questions pertaining to networking and asked if they would get back in touch with me with their answers. That was almost 3 weeks ago. To date, I haven’t heard from either one of them.

This is very difficult for me to understand due to two things: 1) All three of us have a dental background, worked with an appointment book, and know how important it is to respond when…

Is Your Mindset Keeping You From Being Successful


I’ve always loved this picture. The minute I saw it I thought…. “That’s me. I’m a kitten but I see myself as a lion!”

Well recently I was listening to my coach talking about our mindset and it totally changed how I viewed the picture. She stated we have our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind (beliefs) and that no matter how hard we believed in our conscious mind about something…. the sub-conscious mind (beliefs) would always prevail. In other words…over-ride.

With that in mind, let’s revisit the picture. What if you are actually a lion but due to your negative thoughts and sub-conscious mindset, you are seeing yourself as a kitten? This brings a whole new set of thoughts into play!

We have our ambitions and set our goals and then we determine the steps to achieve those goals. But along the way they get side tracked or fall along the way side and our true goals are never reached.

It’s the same in our business. We can and often do, set our goals and our steps for achieving those goals but then, this happens and that happens…. Or this doesn’t happen and that doesn’t happen, and due to our sub-conscious mindset they fall along the way side and are seen as “unobtainable”. We’re setting ourselves up to be kittens.

Your mindset, or mental attitude, determines how you will look at, interpret, and respond to situations and things…

Avoiding Summer Distractions: Keeping Your Business Going while Enjoying Your Summer

“Guest blog post by my friend and online marketing expert, Kim Starry of”


Summer should be about enjoying yourself, getting outside and hopefully getting away from it all. Of course, most of us don’t have the luxury of avoiding work all summer long. Sometimes, we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get busy, but it’s not always easy if you work from home. I’m sure just about any business owner or mom can relate. Over the coming weeks we are going to talk about how to get through the summer enjoying it, and still have a thriving business. It is possible!

The distractions may be the nice weather, having the kids home from school and the desire to just be out camping or even sipping drinks with friends on a patio. Especially after this past winter, depending on where you live, many of you lived through a brutal winter and it just feels wonderful to be outside in the sun. You may have a friend who is a teacher with summers off, and you can’t just go off and do everything with them that they would like, that is okay, remember September will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to be rebuilding your business because you totally neglected it over the summer. Even though summer can be great fun, I have learned to set my limits and turn off the distractions as needed.…

Do You See Yourself Here

One BIG problem we all struggle with from time to time is procrastination. Sometimes it’s intentional, but most of the time it’s unintentional, we aren’t even aware.

I can honestly say when I get up in the morning I have the best of intentions to “get a lot of stuff done”!! I even have my list of “To-Do’s”.

But then one thing leads to another and another and then another and before you know it – it’s the end of the work day – and I still didn’t “get my stuff done”.

I can so relate to this short video.  See if you can -

So what can we do to eliminate procrastination?

1. Become a list maker – but limit it to your 3 most important items to complete for the day.  Too many “to-do” items = overwhelm!

2. Focus- Totally focus on completing 1 item before moving to the next item.  When you start another project before completing what you’re working on, you delay the completion of the  project you were working on.

3. Schedule your focus time in your most productive time of the day for getting the most done.

If you have a problem focusing or need help with direction, let me know how I can help.

Reply below and let me know if you see yourself here… Look forward to your comments!

Simple Action Step: 

Determine your most productive time…

Are You Thinking Instagram Is Not For Your Business


Are you thinking that because you don’t have a lot of picture related products and services to share that you can’t use Instagram in your business? You are in for a surprise, because you really do have lots of visual content you can create and share with your audience!!

Visual content is driving traffic, and Instagram is all about visual. Add to that many viewers will only comment on images makes using images very attractive. So, let’s get creative!

Here are four areas for sharing your expertise in images:

Business/Profession related images:

Become that “go-to” person in your profession and/or field of expertise by sharing your knowledge, skills, and tips. Share images about:

  • Tools, products, & services that will be of benefit to your viewers
  • Apps (Applications) that have saved time for you or you suggest
  • Pictures of events when you attend trade shows, workshops, or events
  • Pictures taken with speakers and business experts
  • Cover photos of books you’re reading, business related, or beneficial to your viewers

Text images:

Text can be shared in images. There are many options for backgrounds, text fonts, and colors.

  • Business related quotes – be sure your share the source or person who said the quote
  • Create your own quotes – motivational, business related, and even fun
  • Questions can help you gather information or start engagement
  • Short tips, strategies, and resources helpful to your viewers
  • Blog posts titles and information about a new product or…
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