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Social Media: Putting All The Pieces Together Twitter and Facebook and Blogs..oh my! YouTube and LinkedIn and Amplify…oh my! Are you wondering how to fit all the pieces of the social media puzzle together? Are you feeling overwhelmed before you even get started?

4 Social Media Myths Social media is the buzz word in marketing. You can be watching TV, eating in a restaurant, or on your computer and you will see or hear some mention of a social networking site. It may be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, or another of the many social networks.

The Dynamics of Social Media Marketing There is a new, rapidly expanding revolution sweeping businesses worldwide. New technology and the economy is forcing major changes in marketing strategies.

Social Media: Word Of Mouth Advertising At It’s (Targeted) Best Recently I responded to a colleague, Rita Zamora’s, post discussing social media and the mistake sometimes made of thinking it’s free.

LinkedIn Profile: Your Front Page Opportunity On LinkedIn your most valuable piece of real estate is your Public Profile area. What is your profile (or lack of it) saying about you?

Perception…What Are Your Patients REALLY Hearing? Never underestimate the power of perception! Perception plays a major part in what is actually said -vs- how it is heard. And to patients…perception is reality!

Internet Marketing: The Art of Repurposing Content Right on the edge of Charlotte (NC) we have a huge pumpkin patch. Every year for the past several years, people have come from miles around to purchase their pumpkins. Couples, singles, families with their children, older people, younger people, and all ages between.

Social Media and Copywriting: The Best of Both Worlds Social Media as we know is a very hot buzz word. As a result key social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have grown by leaps and bounds. Blogging is growing at a phenomenal rate and social media marketing services have exploded on the Internet marketing scene!

Internet Marketing: Harness The Most Powerful Form Of Marketing On The Internet! With Internet marketing, blogs, and social media marketing, people have developed an insatiable appetite for information and they want it now! Writing informative articles relevant to your business to post on blogs, article directories, in ezines, and on web sites is a very effective way to get the word out and to market your business…free!

Social Media Marketing – The Wave Of The Future! The new buzz word is Social Media Marketing and make no mistake, it’s here to stay. Social media is using online communities for increasing your business/practice exposure, building relationships, and ultimately creates an incredible opportunity to be responsive to your market and allow your clients/patients to know how much you care.

Survival Of The Fittest…Building Your Business With all the other businesses out there you must find a way to market your business uniquely (a niche) causing it to stand out from among the rest.

I’ve Written An Article. Now What Do I Do? You’ve finally done it! You’ve written your article, looked it over, tweaked it, looked it over again, and now you’re ready to publish! Now what do you do?

Building Relationships…Priceless! There are many things you can and will do along the way to building your business, but few things will have the impact on your business as that of building relationships.

Reputation…What’s Yours? With all the news of unethical corporations and businesses in today’s troubled economy, is it any wonder the public is asking who’s trustworthy in these seemingly untrustworthy times and are skeptical about who to trust for doing any type of business?

Are You Your Client’s Solution? Right after hurricane Ike went through, we saw a “run on the pumps��? for gas here in Charlotte. Some drove for miles trying to find gas, some sat in lines for hours waiting for gas, while others literally ran out of gas waiting in line.

Wow…IKEA! Saturday my daughter and I went to the new IKEA here in Charlotte, NC. Their furniture showroom had everything you could imagine and they had it in every color. It was quite an experience…a very good experience!

Is There A Copywriter in the House? With layoffs and cutbacks in our workplaces it’s put pressure on companies to make sure their marketing materials maintain the professional image the public is use to seeing and to complicate matters it’s put pressure on those left in the workplace to pick up the slack.

Consistency…Is Everyone On The Same Page? Ever needed information, asked several different people, and received several different answers? Even more confusing, how about asking several different people who work in the same office and still receive several different answers?

E-Mail Marketing: Your Practice’s Golden Opportunity! The electronic (e) age is here and along with it comes the most cost effective marketing tool to communicate with your patients/customers…e-mail and e-mail marketing!

Are You Suffering From… Paralysis Of Analysis? Symptom: You want to be a writer, you’ve written several articles, but just n-o-t quite the way you want them. It needs a little more….

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  • Livvie,

    Really enjoyed this blog! All day long we hear about Facebook this and Pinterest that. Even my granddaughter at age 5 was pretending to be on FB! LOL We all need to embrace this and especially as business owners we need to OWN this latest form of technology and how to be SOCIAL in our own media.

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