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How To Increase Your Traffic Using Twitter

How to increase your traffic with twitter

Twitter is considered to be one of the most effective and impressive ways to increase traffic!  As an Internet marketer one of your main promotional goals should be to dominate social networks and what better way to access the global market than through Twitter.

Simply by attracting (quality) followers and making friends you can quickly build a list of valuable leads and as an Internet marketer you can use it to draw a serious amount of traffic to your business sites if you know how.

Just imagine, with the increased traffic to your blog and other social sites, you can gain more subscribers and leads, and later convert them into paying clients and customers ultimately leading to increased income.

First, you need to spread the news that you’re on Twitter. You will want to include your Twitter URL/icon in your email messages, post blogs and on your websites. That way, everyone will know that you’re using Twitter. Examples: OR @Livvie_Matthews

Regularly updating your tweets is a must to help you draw more traffic to your site. Avid Twitter users like people who post tweets regularly. If you want to gain active followers through your tweets you will want to set up a schedule for posting and do your best to stick to it. Consistency is Key when posting.

You’ll also want to make sure that you reply to the tweets addressed to you. I don’t recommend that you…

Improve Your Focus To Improve Your Productivity


Email, text messages, social media platforms, groups, phone calls and that’s just the beginning…. These are just a few of the distractions that are demanding your attention making focus an almost impossible thing to do.

These items are not bad things, but when they aren’t managed they can prevent you from getting your work done, from completing projects, and can ultimately stop you from reaching your goals.

Ever wonder why some people can seem to churn out the work and move their business forward like clockwork? But you never seem to have enough hours in the day? They don’t have any more time than you do… after all… we all have the same amount of time…. 24 hours in any given day. But, they move forward as you spin your wheels digging a deeper rut. What is their secret?

It’s a five letter word….FOCUS!

Find and identify your Time Stealers!

I mentioned a few of them above plus here are some more:
– Email
– Text messages
– Social Media platforms
– Groups
– Phone Calls
– Running errands
– Watching TV
– Doing everything yourself
– Working on non-income producing projects
– Doing what everyone else wants you to do
– Waiting until it’s all “perfect”

On your computer, phone, or a piece of paper, write down all the time stealers in your day/week you can think of. Those of you with small children or school age children have…

Using Video Marketing to Pass the Competition, Gain New Clients, and Set Yourself Apart

Video MarketingYou’re a savvy online marketer who’s always looking for that cutting edge. Something to set you apart from the competition because as we all know, competition for clients can be intense.

You are consistently generating leads, building your brand, and promoting your products and services. That’s what online marketing is all about.

Enter online video marketing to help you do just that and so much more! Why? Because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (with Google being #1 and the owner of YouTube!).

Compelling Facts for Using Video Marketing:

-Greater Chance of engaging your target market specifically looking for your services:
With over 100 million internet users watching videos every day, chances are high that your specific market and ideal clients are right there among that 100 million looking for and purchasing products and services they want.

But it’s not about the number of people who are watching videos… what’s important is the reason WHY they are watching.

Video makes you real, viewers and prospective clients can “see” you, relate to you, and connect with you.

Posting an online marketing video to your website, blog, social site, email, or in your newsletter gives you a greater chance of actually engaging that viewer who is already specifically looking for your type of products or services and who may now reach out and schedule a meeting.

-Versatility of online video marketing:

We are a busy society. Time is…

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Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca
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Livvie, You've helped me a lot and I only talked to you for 2 hours!!! Our September was up 70% over last year and our conversion rate now is almost 100%. I think we started the next 21 cases straight since we met. So, it was either the advice or the prayers or both! You have been one of the most helpful people I have met in the last 25 years in dentistry and I really mean that!! Thank you!

Dr. Ken Newhouse
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There are many qualified marketing experts that provide great service and results for a variety of businesses... and then there's Livvie Matthews! From all that I've seen, heard and know Livvie is in a class all by herself (a rarity these days of mediocrity that we now live in!) If you have the opportunity to work with Livvie... JUMP ON IT! It'll be one of the BEST business investments you've ever made.

Jill Coon
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I met Livvie Matthews online a few years ago. I was following her on Facebook. We would comment and like each other’s posts. She would post social media tips that I began using for my business page. I reached out to Livvie and she encouraged me to do a little at a time and said I was on the right track with how I was doing my online marketing. She provided me with so much information. I was so excited to use what she shared with me. Livvie is very knowledgeable in helping businesses grow their online presence using social media and online marketing. Her programs teach businesses how to leverage their appearance and connections on social media for client attraction and more online visibility. I encourage all business owners to listen and learn from Livvie Matthews.

Mary Fisher-Day
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Livvie Matthews was instrumental in helping my team understand Social Media. We now know when to post on each forum, how often and how much to post. She made something that seemed complicated, very simple with her guidance. She will go the extra mile to see you have success.