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Dental Marketing

Do You See Yourself Here

One BIG problem we all struggle with from time to time is procrastination. Sometimes it’s intentional, but most of the time it’s unintentional, we aren’t even aware.

I can honestly say when I get up in the morning I have the best of intentions to “get a lot of stuff done”!! I even have my list of “To-Do’s”.

But then one thing leads to another and another and then another and before you know it – it’s the end of the work day – and I still didn’t “get my stuff done”.

I can so relate to this short video.  See if you can -

So what can we do to eliminate procrastination?

1. Become a list maker – but limit it to your 3 most important items to complete for the day.  Too many “to-do” items = overwhelm!

2. Focus- Totally focus on completing 1 item before moving to the next item.  When you start another project before completing what you’re working on, you delay the completion of the  project you were working on.

3. Schedule your focus time in your most productive time of the day for getting the most done.

If you have a problem focusing or need help with direction, let me know how I can help.

Reply below and let me know if you see yourself here… Look forward to your comments!

Simple Action Step: 

Determine your most productive time…

Are You Thinking Instagram Is Not For Your Business


Are you thinking that because you don’t have a lot of picture related products and services to share that you can’t use Instagram in your business? You are in for a surprise, because you really do have lots of visual content you can create and share with your audience!!

Visual content is driving traffic, and Instagram is all about visual. Add to that many viewers will only comment on images makes using images very attractive. So, let’s get creative!

Here are four areas for sharing your expertise in images:

Business/Profession related images:

Become that “go-to” person in your profession and/or field of expertise by sharing your knowledge, skills, and tips. Share images about:

  • Tools, products, & services that will be of benefit to your viewers
  • Apps (Applications) that have saved time for you or you suggest
  • Pictures of events when you attend trade shows, workshops, or events
  • Pictures taken with speakers and business experts
  • Cover photos of books you’re reading, business related, or beneficial to your viewers

Text images:

Text can be shared in images. There are many options for backgrounds, text fonts, and colors.

  • Business related quotes – be sure your share the source or person who said the quote
  • Create your own quotes – motivational, business related, and even fun
  • Questions can help you gather information or start engagement
  • Short tips, strategies, and resources helpful to your viewers
  • Blog posts titles and information about a new product or…

Excellent Example – Marketing Really IS Everything

setapart1 Today on my way to picking up hubby from his dialysis treatment I saw an excellent example of what’s meant by “Marketing really is everything”! We live in a large city with many apartment complexes and having been an Apartment Manager for several years,  I know that  keeping them in “full occupancy” can become quite a challenge.

I had been noticing two apartment complexes in particular that were across the street from each other.  Both had put out small yard signs in an effort to bring in some new tenants. The complex on the left had 3 signs out and each sign listed a different amenity:

  1. Beautiful Hardwood Flooring 
  2. All Stainless Steel Appliances
  3. Granite Counter Tops 

The complex on the right also had 3 signs out however, they all 3 were the same:

  1. Stop In Today
  2. Stop In Today
  3. Stop In Today

Consumers today are very busy and no matter what they are looking for they want the information instantly.  With that said, what’s one of the first things a person wonders about when they are looking for a place to live?  What’s going to be included.

Riding down the road and passing these two apartment complexes, you already know the apartments on the left have beautiful hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops!! What do you know about what the complex on the right…

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