Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing

Use “One Ping Only” For Strategic Focus


Each morning as we start our business day, we’re faced with overwhelm. What do I do first, where do I need to post, should I answer my email first, what will my blog post be about, which item on my to- do list do I tackle first…and the questions go on and on.

Whether you have a specific way of determining your priorities of the day (preferred) or you place the list on the wall, throw a dart, and where it lands is what you tackle (not a preferred way) we are sometimes overwhelmed with what needs to be completed.

This often leads to multitasking: Starting more than one project at a time and trying to work through them all…all at the same time. Not only is something going to be left out, or mistakes made, it’s not given the attention needed to create something of value.

In the coaching group I belong to, one of my colleagues posted this YouTube clip: “One Ping Only” from the movie The Hunt for Red October. (It’s one of hubby’s and my favorites)

How does One Ping Only work for you? It reminds you to be strategically focused on one thing only…because whenever you start on another project, the project you’re working on doesn’t get completed.

Does this mean you can’t work on but one thing until it’s finished? No. But what it does mean is that you work only…

What Does Growing Your Business and Bamboo Trees Have In Common


“Bamboo….Bamboo and Growing My Business??? Livvie have you lost your mind? What do they have in common? “<grin>

The Chinese bamboo tree seeds are planted in a wet marsh type land and fertilized. Then they are…left alone.

The second year, even though there is no apparent growth, the bamboo is fertilized again. The third and fourth years, still no apparent growth, but the bamboo is fertilized again, each year.

To the casual observer, nothing seems to be happening, in fact it looks like it’s been a hopeless task during all these years.

Then in the fifth year…growth begins to take place. So much growth in fact that the bamboo tree can grow as much as 90 feet before the fifth season is over!

Pretty cool, huh??!!!

Now does this mean you have to wait five years before you see results in growing your list? Oh my gosh… Absolutely not!

What it does mean is without the seed planting, nourishment, fertilizer, sunshine and water, growth would not have occurred during that time period.

Whether it grew 90 feet in 5 years or shot up 90 feet in the 5th year alone, it’s not important. What IS important is that…it was planted, then nurtured, and it grew!

You need to be ‘fertilizing’ your business, you need to water your business, and you need to nurture your business.

Give valuable content and connect and engage with your ideal clients and viewers…in…

6 Business Paralysis Areas That Can Kill Your Business


The month of September is my mentor’s month for one of her retreats and this one is on mindset. Even though I wasn’t able to be there in person, she has been sharing insights into our mindset all month long. This has caused me to be in tune with Mindset and how what you think…really think…is actually what you get.

It’s all about alignment of your conscious, subconscious, and actions. And what you think…I mean what you really think (subconscious) is what you will get!

This explains why so often when we set some type of goal or make a resolution we don’t see the results we wanted to see. Why? Because what we thought (conscious) and then really thought (subconscious) weren’t lined up and this is the big one…the Subconscious will always win.

In a teleseminar I did, I spoke about the 6 areas in our business that our mind can bind us and can lead to business failure if we’re not careful.

In my coaching I’ve found there are 6 issues that can bind you and be fatal to the business if not addressed. See if you relate to any of these….

Issues like:

Fear: We have that fear we’re going to mess things up or afraid we’re going to go in the wrong direction or worse yet, maybe someone will think you’re a fraud.

Over Analysis: This can quickly lead to “analysis paralysis”. I know this one…

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