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Dental Marketing

Surprise! Facebook Is Changing…Again!


Surprise Surprise…. Facebook is changing….again! Facebook announced they are making changes to be effective January 2015.

Facebook already limited the organic posts reach (any thing posted that’s not a paid Facebook Ad) so only about 6% or even less…sometimes as little as 2% -3% of your posts were showing up in your viewers newsfeeds.

Now they are going to be limiting posts they (Facebook) thinks are “too promotional”!

So just what does this mean to us as a small business owner and how does it affect our ability to sell our products and services on our Facebook Business pages since we can’t be “too promotional”?

With Facebook’s announcement , starting January 2015 posts they find that are “too promotional” will be limited by Facebook.

Facebook’s found through their surveys that people want more story type posts and less promotional type posts.

Note this is NOT about Facebook Paid advertising or Promoted Posts. It is referring to and involves your organic posts (non- paid Facebook advertising) .

According to Facebooks announcement, there are some consistent traits that make organic posts feel too promotional:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app. Example would be posts that direct you to specifically purchase of a service, product, or program and have the “Click the link to buy now”..or “Click here to purchase now.”
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context  This…

Looking for a Time Saving Tool to Use With Social Media


I hear it all the time: “Social Media takes all my time”. “I spend way too much time on Social Media posting to this platform and that platform” or I even hear: “I can never find the time for Social Media”.

It’s true. With multiple social platforms for use and maintaining a presence on several of them, managing the sites and time involved can become a huge factor! Having to log into this one and post…then log into that one and post…then going over and logging into yet another one and posting…it’s so time consuming. You have to wonder, is there a better way than this?

Yes, there absolutely is a better way! It’s called HootSuite and you can find it at

HootSuite is an easy to use social media dashboard that can help you manage all your social media platforms from one place. But there is also so much more that it does as well. It can also help you keep track and monitor your brand so you’ll know if you’re getting a good return on your social media investments.

There is a free version and a Pro paid version. I’ve tried both and for what I want HootSuite to do, I’ve found the free version works just fine. But if you want all the analytics that comes with it, then the paid Pro version is the way for you. Try the free and the paid version.…

Use “One Ping Only” For Strategic Focus


Each morning as we start our business day, we’re faced with overwhelm. What do I do first, where do I need to post, should I answer my email first, what will my blog post be about, which item on my to- do list do I tackle first…and the questions go on and on.

Whether you have a specific way of determining your priorities of the day (preferred) or you place the list on the wall, throw a dart, and where it lands is what you tackle (not a preferred way) we are sometimes overwhelmed with what needs to be completed.

This often leads to multitasking: Starting more than one project at a time and trying to work through them all…all at the same time. Not only is something going to be left out, or mistakes made, it’s not given the attention needed to create something of value.

In the coaching group I belong to, one of my colleagues posted this YouTube clip: “One Ping Only” from the movie The Hunt for Red October. (It’s one of hubby’s and my favorites)

How does One Ping Only work for you? It reminds you to be strategically focused on one thing only…because whenever you start on another project, the project you’re working on doesn’t get completed.

Does this mean you can’t work on but one thing until it’s finished? No. But what it does mean is that you work only…

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Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca
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Livvie, You've helped me a lot and I only talked to you for 2 hours!!! Our September was up 70% over last year and our conversion rate now is almost 100%. I think we started the next 21 cases straight since we met. So, it was either the advice or the prayers or both! You have been one of the most helpful people I have met in the last 25 years in dentistry and I really mean that!! Thank you!

Dr. Ken Newhouse
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There are many qualified marketing experts that provide great service and results for a variety of businesses... and then there's Livvie Matthews! From all that I've seen, heard and know Livvie is in a class all by herself (a rarity these days of mediocrity that we now live in!) If you have the opportunity to work with Livvie... JUMP ON IT! It'll be one of the BEST business investments you've ever made.

Jill Coon
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I met Livvie Matthews online a few years ago. I was following her on Facebook. We would comment and like each other’s posts. She would post social media tips that I began using for my business page. I reached out to Livvie and she encouraged me to do a little at a time and said I was on the right track with how I was doing my online marketing. She provided me with so much information. I was so excited to use what she shared with me. Livvie is very knowledgeable in helping businesses grow their online presence using social media and online marketing. Her programs teach businesses how to leverage their appearance and connections on social media for client attraction and more online visibility. I encourage all business owners to listen and learn from Livvie Matthews.

Mary Fisher-Day
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Livvie Matthews was instrumental in helping my team understand Social Media. We now know when to post on each forum, how often and how much to post. She made something that seemed complicated, very simple with her guidance. She will go the extra mile to see you have success.

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