Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing

Are Your Marketing Messages Drawing Viewers To You


Wow!! When was the last time you took a good look at your website/blog format through the eyes of a “new viewer” or “perspective client?”  Is it “pulling” (drawing) your viewer and perspective clients in?

I did that recently and following my coaches advice (yes coaches have coaches, too), I had an “extreme website makeover”.

This was needed to go along with my change in career direction, moving from monthly social media management to being a Client Attraction Coach using the Internet and online marketing for expanding your online presence.

For almost a month, I was getting designs, content, and images ready and would send over to my web designer – Heather Murray of Cluster Web Designs.

Heather with the technical side and me with the content side, found we had to come to a meeting of the minds because we were worlds apart in some areas with what we were envisioning. Not because we couldn’t see it the same way, but because of communicating from layman terms (me) into technical terms (Heather) and vice versa.

But in the end we worked it all out and ‘s “extreme makeover” is fantastic!

My goal was a website/blog that would actually speak directly to and draw my target market and perspective ideal clients, so that when they viewed and read my content they would see themselves there and say…”Wow! Livvie’s reading my mind!”  or “Gosh! That’s exactly the…

Prospects Plus Visibility Equals Results


One of the most critical elements in your online marketing toolbox is visibility and more visibility.  You must be staying in front of your market’s view.  You know what they say…  “Out of sight… out of mind“.

Let me share an example: Hubby and I had run into a grocery store to pick up some water recently and we always purchase the very small 8 oz bottles because being a dialysis patient he’s limited in the amount of liquid he can drink.  Having the smaller bottles limits automatically how much he can have.

We got to the water section and there was one 24 count package on the shelf.  We put that one in our basket and as we passed one of the store employees, we asked if they had any more small bottles of water in the back.  When he returned he had another 24 count package in his hand.

As we left the store hubby and I were talking and he made a good point.  He said, “You know, it doesn’t do any good to have product in the back of the store where it’s not on the shelves to be seen and can’t be sold.”

This started me to thinking about our marketing visibility.  Prospects can’t know what you have to offer and do business with you if you aren’t keeping your name and services…

Do You See Yourself Here

One BIG problem we all struggle with from time to time is procrastination. Sometimes it’s intentional, but most of the time it’s unintentional, we aren’t even aware.

I can honestly say when I get up in the morning I have the best of intentions to “get a lot of stuff done”!! I even have my list of “To-Do’s”.

But then one thing leads to another and another and then another and before you know it – it’s the end of the work day – and I still didn’t “get my stuff done”.

I can so relate to this short video.  See if you can -

So what can we do to eliminate procrastination?

1. Become a list maker – but limit it to your 3 most important items to complete for the day.  Too many “to-do” items = overwhelm!

2. Focus- Totally focus on completing 1 item before moving to the next item.  When you start another project before completing what you’re working on, you delay the completion of the  project you were working on.

3. Schedule your focus time in your most productive time of the day for getting the most done.

If you have a problem focusing or need help with direction, let me know how I can help.

Reply below and let me know if you see yourself here… Look forward to your comments!

Simple Action Step: 

Determine your most productive time…

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