How To Move Your Business With Online Marketing

Moving your online business forward

What do Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogging, Article Marketing, Newsletters (e-zines), Teleseminars-Webinars, and  Autoresponders/List Building all have in common? It’s all done with Online Marketing!

Online Marketing presents a huge benefit for moving your business forward.  In the past, with traditional marketing it was all static, once placed there was no changes and no contact with viewers until either someone called or the ad was renewed.

Today, as an online marketer, you have the ability to reach out and connect with your viewers in real time. Plus it’s more cost effective, it’s results oriented, efficient, improves your visibility and your credibility, and gives you lasting exposure!

Social Media: Social media platforms offer you the ability to have an “online store” where viewers and potential clients can visit 24/7 to learn about you, your products and services.  They get to form a relationship with you and it’s all done in real time.

Blogging: Consider your blog to be your prime piece of real estate online.  It’s your hub, where everything originates from or links back to.  It’s become the new website.  Bringing your viewers to your blog gives them access to not only your content, but your services, your products, how to contact you, and much more.

Article Marketing: Article Marketing gives you exposure on other sites and the opportunity to be seen as the “go to person” in your area of…

Time Management

This week in our 3 Simple tips we’re going to talk about  Time Management and Social Media

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35 Ways to Get New Clients

Get More Clients

Something I hear quite often is, “Livvie, clients are not coming in consistently. What can I do to get more clients?” 

Rather than answer with just one thing, I’m going to list several ways.  As you read this list, instead of focusing on getting a lot more clients/patients at a time, concentrate on using these for bringing in one new client/patient at a time and then consistently repeat the process over and over for generating more new clients/patients. 

  1. Focus on your mission.  Why you want to do what you are doing
  2. Get very clear on your marketing message and share with your market
  3. Know what makes you and your services/products unique and convey that to your market
  4. Define/Know exactly who your Ideal Clients/patients are
  5. Always over deliver
  6. Deliver before it’s expected
  7.  Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Follow up (critical) within 24 -48 hours
  8. Send your clients cards or even gifts for birthday, holiday, thinking of you, etc
  9. Join networking groups that compliment your business
  10. Create your own focus groups
  11. Make it a priority to build your mailing list
  12. Create or makeover your website/blog making sure it’s a “Client Magnet” website – easy to navigate, contains value filled content, and builds relationships instantly
  13. Create or remake your Client Magnet business card for drawing your market to you
  14. Use your email signature for sharing your value proposition and to get opt-ins 
  15. Start a Blog…
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