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Are You Thinking Instagram Is Not For Your Business


Are you thinking that because you don’t have a lot of picture related products and services to share that you can’t use Instagram in your business? You are in for a surprise, because you really do have lots of visual content you can create and share with your audience!!

Visual content is driving traffic, and Instagram is all about visual. Add to that many viewers will only comment on images makes using images very attractive. So, let’s get creative!

Here are four areas for sharing your expertise in images:

Business/Profession related images:

Become that “go-to” person in your profession and/or field of expertise by sharing your knowledge, skills, and tips. Share images about:

  • Tools, products, & services that will be of benefit to your viewers
  • Apps (Applications) that have saved time for you or you suggest
  • Pictures of events when you attend trade shows, workshops, or events
  • Pictures taken with speakers and business experts
  • Cover photos of books you’re reading, business related, or beneficial to your viewers

Text images:

Text can be shared in images. There are many options for backgrounds, text fonts, and colors.

  • Business related quotes – be sure your share the source or person who said the quote
  • Create your own quotes – motivational, business related, and even fun
  • Questions can help you gather information or start engagement
  • Short tips, strategies, and resources helpful to your viewers
  • Blog posts titles and information about a new product or…

Are You Holding On To These 5 Fatal Issues

Are you holding on to these 5 fatal issues

Business paralysis can happen so quickly and can lead to your business failing especially if you’re a small business owner or solo-preneur .

In my business coaching practice we talk about 5 issues that can be fatal to the business if not addressed.

Things like:

  • Fear: We have that fear we’re going to mess things up or afraid we’re going to go in the wrong direction or worse yet, maybe someone will think I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  • Small Thinking: Instead of thinking BIG, you limit yourself and you think small. Usually this is from self doubt!
  • Over Analysis: This can quickly lead to “analysis paralysis”. I know this one personally and If I’m not careful, I’ll analysis this, and then… I’ll analysis that, and then… when I get it all together,… I want to analysis my analysis!!! 
  • Shiny Object Syndrome: I also know this one personally and I bet you do too. Constantly going from one thing to another… trying the newest marketing method, or buying the next big “bell and whistle” thing being offered. You change what you’re offering…or even worse…you change your entire business model? Do you see yourself here? Then there is…
  • Perfectionism: This is the big one and can really keep you tided up and bogged down, never moving forward…because you’re changing this….changing that….tweaking this…and tweaking that…. Saying…. “Just one more whatever…… and it will be perfect!!”

Understand, we all go through…

Using Twitters New Format and Pinning Tweets

This week in our 3 Simple Tips Video we’re going to talk about Twitters New Format and How to Pin Tweets

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