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How To Get Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms

This week in our 3 Simple tips we’re going to talk about how to get engagement on your social media platforms

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What Facebook News Feed Changes Means for Pages


Facebook just recently changed things… again, but this time it’s really good news for Facebook PAGE owners.

Facebook announced they were making a slight change to their News Feed algorithm.  There will be less “text-only” posts from business Pages in your News Feed and more “text-only” posts from your friends in your News Feed.

Facebook made this change because they had noticed that text-only posts from business Pages were getting less engagement.  This at first glance made it seem you should start sharing from your personal page….but hold on…it gets better!!

The good news is that Facebook also announced they would be pushing more “link-share” posts from business Pages into the News Feed of our fans.  “Great!!!” you might say….and then add… “but what is a link-share post?”


In the past when we did a status update post, we would embed our links directly into our status updates (myself included), but Facebook says that is no longer effective.

In the two images below you see the old embed type post and the new “link-share” type post.

  • I suggest you stop posting/linking the old way shown in the smaller image with the link showing in the status update.
  • Instead start creating  “Link-Share” posts like the one you see in the larger image below



In the larger image above, you see an image in the post (larger than the old preview image) as well as…

Marketers – Are You Holding On To The Past


I enjoy watching the Super Bowl commercials and as a marketer, one of them really stood out this year in Super Bowl XLVIII.  It just brought home what a difference being in the past verses being in the future can do for your business.  I’m referring to the Radio Shack ad.

The ad starts with a sales associate receiving a phone call that “The ’80’s called and they want their store back”.  Then ’80′s celebrities invade a RadioShack to take back their old stuff and make room for the RadioShack of the future.

The ’80’s personalities and icons including Mary Lou Retton, Kid ‘n’ Play, Alf, Erik Estrada, Hulk Hogan California Raisins, Chucky, Teen Wolf, Twister Sister, Dee Snider, and  Sgt. Slaughter barge in to “take back” their technology leaving a sleek, modern store that serves as an introduction and invitation for consumers to shop the new RadioShack.

Jennifer Warren, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at RadioShack, said “This is a bold, strategic move for RadioShack, and we’re using the Super Bowl as the platform to get people to rethink RadioShack,”  Then she added “This ad is meant to grab attention, make viewers laugh, and let people know, it’s out with the old and in with the new RadioShack.”

Although this ad references marketing a physical store, the same…

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