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Are You Still Thinking There Is No Benefit To Social Media – Read This


We all know social media can help us reach viewers and potential clients and customers and that it’s all done in real time, but did you know that social media is also an excellent way to resolve issues …. In record time?  

With Social Media….Gone are the days of mailing a letter or calling the business only to have to wait and wait for them to even acknowledge, let alone respond, to your issue.

I had recently ordered a USB Car Charger and when I received it and tried using it, it didn’t work. I tried it in a couple vehicles just to make sure it wasn’t my car plug that was the problem. But no matter which vehicle I plugged it into, it didn’t work. Needless to say I was irritated and disappointed.

Having a car charger for your phone gives you an added measure of security knowing if there is a power failure in your home or if you’re out driving and the charge is down… you can power up!

My daughter had suggested I post a review to see if they would make it right in some way, but I didn’t think it would do any good (duh….on my part) so I just let it go.

About a week later I received an email for posting a product review for the product (went to the owners site where it was shipped from) as well as a…

Choosing the Right Internet Marketing Strategy – Where To Start


I’m going to start out by making a bold statement here. When choosing the right internet marketing strategy, given our strengths and weaknesses, not all marketers are created equal. This can present a problem when we are following the steps of one of the “gurus” who’s telling us “do this, do that, and you’ll experience these”.

In fact when trying to decide how to market on the Internet, whether a product, service, or even yourself, it can become quite overwhelming. There are so many things to choose from and to make it even more complicated, new things are coming online daily! It’s an Internet Marketing jungle out there!

So as an Internet marketer, where do you start when deciding on what will be the best strategic marketing plan for your business?

Choosing the Right Internet Marketing Strategy for You and Your Business:

Develop a good base of Internet Marketing strategies: Just starting out, you will more than likely be the one doing your marketing until you’re able to outsource some of the tasks. Create a good foundation of internet marketing tools, methods, and strategies that you enjoy using and you can implement effectively and efficiently.  Here you definitely want to “Keep it simple!”.

Consistency is Key: On the Internet, consistency is the key to everything! As you develop your foundation of Internet Marketing strategies be consistent with how you’re marketing. An example is your newsletter. If you are sending…

Are You Moving Your Business Forward With Online Marketing?

Using your business forward with online marketing

You have to have been living under a rock to not know about all the social media that’s going on. But what does it do and does it really help your business?

Let’s start by asking the question: What do Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogging, Article and Video Marketing, Newsletters (ezines), Teleseminars-Webinars, and Autoresponders/List Building all have in common? Answer: It’s all done with Online Marketing!

What makes Online Marketing so BIG? It’s all done in real time now. Not like the old traditional marketing that was static or non-moving in nature. Once you placed an ad, there was no changes and zero contact with the viewer unless they responded to the ad to contact you.

As I share with my clients, today, as an online marketer, you have the ability to reach out and connect with your viewers in real time. Plus it’s more cost effective, it’s results oriented, efficient, improves your visibility and your credibility, and gives you lasting exposure 24/7 – 365!

Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, offer you the ability to have an “online store” where viewers and potential clients can visit 24/7 to learn about you, your products and services. They get to form a relationship with you and it’s all done in real time.

Blogging: Consider your blog to be your prime piece of real estate online. It’s your hub, where everything originates…

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Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca
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Livvie, You've helped me a lot and I only talked to you for 2 hours!!! Our September was up 70% over last year and our conversion rate now is almost 100%. I think we started the next 21 cases straight since we met. So, it was either the advice or the prayers or both! You have been one of the most helpful people I have met in the last 25 years in dentistry and I really mean that!! Thank you!

Dr. Ken Newhouse
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There are many qualified marketing experts that provide great service and results for a variety of businesses... and then there's Livvie Matthews! From all that I've seen, heard and know Livvie is in a class all by herself (a rarity these days of mediocrity that we now live in!) If you have the opportunity to work with Livvie... JUMP ON IT! It'll be one of the BEST business investments you've ever made.

Jill Coon
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I met Livvie Matthews online a few years ago. I was following her on Facebook. We would comment and like each other’s posts. She would post social media tips that I began using for my business page. I reached out to Livvie and she encouraged me to do a little at a time and said I was on the right track with how I was doing my online marketing. She provided me with so much information. I was so excited to use what she shared with me. Livvie is very knowledgeable in helping businesses grow their online presence using social media and online marketing. Her programs teach businesses how to leverage their appearance and connections on social media for client attraction and more online visibility. I encourage all business owners to listen and learn from Livvie Matthews.

Mary Fisher-Day
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Livvie Matthews was instrumental in helping my team understand Social Media. We now know when to post on each forum, how often and how much to post. She made something that seemed complicated, very simple with her guidance. She will go the extra mile to see you have success.