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Social Media and Online Marketing Training For Game Changing Entrepreneurs

Power Up Online Academy

The Power Up Online Academy

Hello Entrepreneurial Friends,

Are you ready for more visibility, profitability, and more freedom in your business?  Are you frustrated with where you are (or aren’t) in your business?  Are you tired of spinning your wheels and want out of that virtual rut?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,  First:  You’re not alone and Second:  You’re in the right place!  I’m committed to partnering with you to get the results you want for your business.

Whatever you’re looking for, one-on-one coachinggroup coaching – or virtual training’s, there is something for you.

To determine what would be best for you, answer the following questions:

  1. What stage is my business?
  2.  What are my current challenges in my business?
  3.  Do I prefer to learn in a group environment or do I prefer one-on-one?
  4.  Am I looking for Social Media and Online Marketing strategies and techniques to expand my online presence? 

Based on your answers…

Where are YOU currently in your business?

Getting Started…

You’re a Coach, Consultant, Solo-Entrepreneur or other Small Business Professional in the start up phase or first few years of your business. You’re attracting some clients (or if you’re just starting maybe no clients yet), but it’s just not consistent. You’re ready to get more visibility with online marketing…


Ramp It Up…

Your online presence is solid, you’re bringing in clients and even making money, but now you’re ready to go to the next level. You’re ready to get out of your own way, let go of some of the control, and change how you operate. It’s time to create some new business models and scale your business…



You’re super driven, your business is growing at a consistent pace and you’re very successful. Now you’re ready to go to six figures and even 7 figures. Plus, it’s time to give back. You’re ready to stop approving everything and working long hours. It’s time to pass being a “small business owner” and become the CEO of your business…


Power Up …

Want a quick start with 1 on 1 private coaching? Then The Power Up For Clients System™ is where you’ll want to start. This short, power packed, 3 month program includes 7 Focused Step-By-Step Areas for expanding your online presence for getting more clients, more income, and more freedom in your business.