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Customer Service: 3 Telephone Conversation Do’s and Don’t

Customer service is a critical part of how your business or practice is perceived.  Add to that the fact that most of your first time contact is over the phone.  This makes your telephone and how you respond to the conversation, crucial! Although the 3 examples below reference taking place  over the telephone, they could very easily be a face to face conversation. 1. A new patient – or existing patient calls, identifies them self, and needs to make an appointment for an evaluation, adjustment, lost filling or cleaning: Don’t ask:  Have we seen you before? OR  Are you a new patient? Do
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What Percentage Of New Patients Are Lost Due To The Telephone

Have you ever wondered how important the telephone is to your practice?  Maybe you’ve even wondered IF the telephone was important! Let me answer with two eye opening stats: The #1 marketing problem in Dentistry is Poor Telephone Skills! As many as 50% of NEW Patients are LOST at the front desk due to Poor Telephone Skills That’s a staggering fact when you think of all the expense involved with getting the phone to ring and then lose 50% of the New Patient Calls!  The telephone is still one of the most powerful, most cost effective, marketing tools in your practice…bar
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Patient Relations: What Percentage of New Patients Are Lost Due to the Telephone

Think of all the expense, not to mention the time, involved with getting the phone to ring…only to loose the caller.   Staggering fact:  As many as 50% of New Patient calls are lost at the front desk due to poor telephone skills!  Verbal skills, over the phone or in person, dictate: First impressions Treatment acceptance Over the counter collections Scheduling Quality of service Referrals There isn’t an area in your practice that’s untouched by verbal skills and it all starts with that first telephone call.  We’ve all heard the saying ” You only get one chance to make a good first
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