Goals and Deadlines

With us being just a month into the new year, goals and deadlines are often the topic of conversations.  Below is an excellent post by Chantal Beaupre, a LifeSuccess coach,  and how important these are: 

Sunday Inspiration: Deadlines by Chantal Beaupre

Deadlines drive me to succeed.

Deadlines bring out the best in me. They keep me moving forward and give me a goal to accomplish. Deadlines challenge me to step up to the plate and meet them head on!

Deadlines make my work more fun. I like to think of them as a game. They challenge me to race against the clock. I love the rush that I get when “crush time” comes along. Deadlines provide an opportunity to prove to myself what I am truly made of.

With each deadline, I strive to achieve a faster speed and superior level of quality than I have ever attained in the past. I measure my results against the last similar project I completed.

Often, I far exceed my own expectation. I generally exceed the expectations of my supervisors, which only helps me further my career.

Deadlines are the motivating force that drives me to succeed. I thrive under pressure because it makes things interesting. I assess each project and budget my time efficiently. I assign myself a certain amount of work each day to make meeting my deadlines easy.

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