Facebook Security for Page Admins

Facebook Page Admin Security Change and New Roles

If you have a Facebook Business page Facebook allows you to have Admins to design, create, manage, and post on that page for you.  This was because not every one is a techie to create pages or graphics for your page or you may be one of those that doesn’t have the time to manage your page.

Regardless of the reason, having Page Admins was a wonderful benefit to a Facebook page owner.  But it also came with a risk.  Once you made someone an Admin of your page, they had complete control of the page, just as you, the owner.

Once logged in, they were able to post as though they were you…the page posting.  They could even add other Admins, change the design, monitor your insight, plus they could add and delete comments.

What if you had outsourced your page to an admin to handle or had made an employee your page admin and you all had a disagreement to the point of letting the employee or page admin go?

This page admin could actually remove all other admins, including you, and begin posting negative comments  on the page that you, the actual page owner, could do nothing about.  That page admin could even delete your page!  But not any more!!

Fortunately Facebook saw the problems this could create and has now given different Admin Roles …

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