Blogging: 7 Effective Tips

As of January 2011 per BlogPulse  there were around 153,205,413 identified blogs on the Internet and growing on a daily basis!  Add to that, there are about 1.73 billion Internet users looking for information….you can see why blogs can be a powerful way to get your information out. 

If you aren’t blogging, yet, now is the perfect time to start.  If you are blogging, you want to make sure you are using your blog effectively.

Here are 7 effective blogging tips:

  1. Position yourself as the ‘go to person’ in your arena:  Blogs should be written in conversational tones or layman’s terms, not technical terms. One of the quickest way to draw traffic to your blog or website is to answer questions that your viewers have.  Know what’s causing them pain and become their solution to that pain. If they have a problem, let them know you have the solution.  Look on your social sites, Twitter – Facebook, LinkedIn and join in the conversations.  Become their source of information. Don’t worry you’ll give too much information away.  Gain your viewers trust and their loyalty.  Draw them into you space!
  2. Make your blog the hub of your social marketing:  Your blog should be the hub of your online activity.  Your information should come from your blog or link back to your blog. …

Article Marketing: Building Your Article

Article marketing becomes a great way for your target audience to learn of your information, products, and services.  But often we have doubts about our ability to write quality articles.  I sure did when I first started writing back in the late ‘90’s.  

Many things have changed over the years in the online world, but a well written article still has the potential to give you an enormous amount of exposure for your business as well as help build your reputation as an authority in your field which can help bring you more clients and patients.

Follow these three main areas as you ‘build your article’ and increase your online visibility:

A.  Title

Use keywords at the beginning 

  • Social Media for Increasing Online Credibility 
  • Social Media Networking Strategies

Article titles containing odd numbers work best:

  • 7  Social Media Networking Strategies
  • 5 Reasons Tp Use Social Media
  • 3 Tips To Boost Your Online visbibility

B. Article Body:

  • 300 – 600 word articles
  • Use bullet points (people scan content online)
  • Keep paragraphs short (4 lines or less of text per paragraph)
  • Keywords should be used near the beginning
  • No live hyper links within the body of the article (if submitting to article directories)

C. Article Resourse Box:

  • Usually about 4-5 lines long
  • Add 1 -2 live hyperlinks with one being your website blog they other could contain a product offering


Social Media: 5 Social Media Networking Tips

#1 – Social media sites are about making contact and building relationship for establishing value, credibility, and trust. Viral word of mouth marketing.

#2 – Build a quality local community (network). Target the people you associate with in your niche market. You have something of value to offer others – that’s why you’re in business. Social media is conversation and makes it easy to engage in discussions about what you may be able to help them with and establishes you as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

#3 – Build your brand. You don’t have to be a Starbucks or McDonalds type brand. It could be as simple as your avatar picture, your logo, a tag line, or even colors. The point is – when used (viewed) regularly, each impression strengthens peoples awareness of who you are, your practice, and what your services and products are about.

#4 – Be consistent with your time, your content, and your marketing . Not every person on your social sites are going to be members of your target market, but by providing good solid content, helpful links, and regularly contributing  something useful to your community, the viral nature of social media will get the message to those who need it.

#5 – Transparency and authenticity – strategic keys. Whatever is done must be done with quality! Be authentic and stay involved, you are developing relationships. Everything you do should…

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