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Social Marketing: What Is Your Email Address and Cell Phone Ring Saying About You?

InternetToday’s social media market is one of engaging and connecting, which puts us in constant contact with our viewers, clients, and patients and brings our email addresses and our cell phone rings in the limelight from time to time.

As patients and clients give us their email addresses, it’s amazing, sometimes comical, some of the names created to be used.  The cell phone rings we hear in the office can also be quite funny. 

A great example of your cell phone ring and how it’s heard is the Geico commercial when they are discussing ring tones and the CEO’s cell phone rings and his ring is totally out there!

If at all possible, have your email address linked to your website address. Best would be your name @your web address.  If that’s not possible, then use your name @gmail.  What you don’t want is something like “redneckgirl @yahoo” or “dudeman @gmail”.  If you’re using it for your business email, then keep it professional. 

The same thing goes for your cell phone ring tone.  True when someone calls you they don’t hear your ring tone,  But what if you are in the middle of a business conversation and you’re right at a critical point and your phone rings playing…”Take This Job and Shove It”! 

In short: Keep it professional.  If in doubt…don’t use it.…

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