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4 Social Media Time Savers

With all the buzz about social media, social networking, and other social sites, it can get very frustrating not to mention distracting. All of this with social media is good, but be careful.  This is about being social yes…but you must keep your focus.  One of the main questions asked: “How much time will I have to put into social media”?  The answer depends on what you want to accomplish and yes, you will have to spend some time with update, responses, and blog postings.  But how focused you are can determine if it’s a lot of time, or just
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Social Marketing: Time Saving Shortcuts

Social meda is a powerful marketing tool, but if you’re not careful it can be time consuming and can become overwhelming. Invitations to connect, invitations to events, join this group, attend this meeting, use this application and the list goes on and on.  It’s no wonder after awhile many social marketing sites just sit there gathering virtual dust.  The key?  You must learn to stay focused. When first entering the social arena, you might only want to join one of the social platforms, maybe Twitter or Facebook.  Then as you get comfortable with that platform, move on to the next.
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