Twitter online business resume

Twitter Favorites: Your Online Business Resume

Twitter is a powerful social network used by over 550 million people! We send out tweets, links to blog posts, quotes, links to other resources and information of value to our viewers.  But are you using  Twitter as your Online Resume…for your business?

What Are Twitter Favorites

Twitter Favorites is a feature that allows you to add as a “Favorite” something that’s been said (tweeted).   It’s kept permanently under your Favorites area  unless you “Undo” the Favorite and is a powerful way to build an ongoing stream of information for your business and for you.

Twitter Favorites is like your “LinkedIn Skills and Expertise area. All the tweets are positive messages about you and/or your business and the best thing about  it? These are all positive reviews …uncoached and unsolicited!

Why Use Twitter Favorites

Favorites  is word of mouth, free publicity, and public relations at it’s very best!  Use this  as a area to spotlight your business and what you do.  At the same time the person who tweeted the message is being seen as well.  That’s a win-win for all!

Often when I view a page I’ll look at their Favorites.  Many do not save any favorites and most of those that do are using the feature to favor a quote, a…

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